14 June 2012

Allen Stanford Sentenced to 110 Ten Years in Prison For Ponzi Scheme

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High living Texas banker Sir Allen Stanford, often referred to as 'the other Madoff,' was sentenced today to 110 years in prison for the Ponzi scheme he operated by selling fraudulent certificates of deposit issued by his Antigua-based Stanford International Bank Ltd., and sold in the U.S. by his Houston-based securities firm, Stanford Group Co.

The US Justice Department had referred to Mr. Stanford as 'a ruthless predator responsible for one of the most egregious frauds in history.'

The reigning champions who currently hold the title for ruthless-financial-predators-responsible-for-THE-most-egregious-fraud-in-history could not be reached for comment, as they prepared to leave for their weekend vacation homes in the Hamptons, according to their Personal Assistants at the New York Federal Reserve.